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Captured Light

Captured Light snapshotYear Developed: 2011

Description: This site was developed as a custom photography blog and uses the newest HTML5 multiple image upload capabilities. It was hand coded from front to back, without the use of implementing plug-ins, add ons, or already written code functions. The admin side of this site is far more complex, allowing the client to upload a gallery's worth of images at a time, while still being able to comment and write on individual photos. It is complimented by the use of ImageMagick, that allows the client to upload images and have them re-sized on the fly (mulitple times if needed), and stored in different directories. From the user's perspective, they have the ability to sign up and in to the site, allowing them to add, edit and delete their own comments. It is supported by a MySQL database and is primarily written in PHP, HTML, and CSS.

URL: http://www.da-3.com


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